Medi-Pedis are Medical Pedicures for all people whose feet need special attention.
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Get Your Feet Ready For The Summer!
Specializing in Cosmetic Foot Care and Customized Pedicures.  Diabetics are Welcome.

We Now Offer the Laser Treatment for Your Thick Discolored Nails.

Are you tired of your thick yellow nails? We will take great care of your feet at Pedicuria Cosmetic Foot Care. We are located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and serve customers from all Five Boroughs in New York. Our board certified podiatrist and our nail techs specialize in providing cosmetic foot care with above standard precautions.  We also handle people with systemic health conditions such as diabetes.

We use antifungal nail colors in a wide variety.  Our rooms are private.  Our instruments are sterilized after each use.  We also treat corns and calluses, skin fungal infections. We now offer the laser treatment for thick, discolored toenails.  Contact us today for more details about our services.

Improving the Appearance of Your Feet
Give your feet the royal treatment by making an appointment at Pedicuria Cosmetic Foot Care. When your feet need a little extra care. We offer the services you need to help solve the problem.
Comprehensive Foot Care
Our technicians do everything to meet your needs, from "no worries" pedicures to diabetic pedicures. All our instruments are sterilized to prevent fungal infections and maintain a clean environment.

Why Choose Us?
Pedicuria Cosmetic Foot Care is a podiatrist office that also offer nail polishing with cosmetic foot care to improve the appearance of your feet.  We bring you medical and cosmetic foot care services in a spa-like atmosphere and have employees that speak English, Spanish, French, and Creole.






Call us at (877) 354-3297 or (347) 599-1364 for private foot care from a board certified doctor.